Halloween 2018
Halloween has come and gone and as usual it´s a big event here. At the studio we had the annual costume party, and I was part of the judging of these :D. We pick a winner for the best costume for individuals and then for groups.

This was this years backdrop
15413577452018-11-04 10_51_53-i-5vltwln-x4.jpg

The winners of best party costume was this group of pikachus!
15413577502018-11-04 10_52_15-i-dgsk2jr-x4.jpg

overall we had a ton of fun costumes but the ones that won were usually made by the competitors themselves and there was some thought into each of them :D.

Here´s a couple of them. I am heavily limiting the amount of pictures of individuals that people can identify them with as I haven´t gotten permission from them to actually post their pictures here. That´s why it´s quite sparce but we had a lot of participants :D.Here´s one of them as beast from X-men. This costume didn´t win it all but it was a very well made costume and highly rated!

15413577572018-11-04 10_53_05-i-zsrzmz6-x4.jpg

We had the pumpkin carving contest too! I made the no face pumpkin haha :D the winner was the anthem pumpkin.

15413577782018-11-04 10_52_34-i-h9xdjr6-x4.jpg
15413577752018-11-04 10_52_48-i-v2mnrqj-x4.jpg
15413577692018-11-04 10_53_23-i-xwscb8n-x3.jpg

I look forward to next Halloween! It´s like being in this part of the world has rubbed off the whole spirit on me hah :D
2018-11-04 19:04:25

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