Anthem Release Party
The release party of Anthem was really close to where I used to live during my time in Edmonton, definitely was a lot of feelings being back for the short weekend I spent there! Also, I am so happy I went to the release party of Anthem! It was such a great closure to my three years living and working in Canada, celebrating with the friends I´ve gotten over the years there. I got to experience beautiful winter weather with the first day being -6 degrees Celsius and then I got a reminder that winters in Edmonton are not always kind with it dropping to -16 degrees overnight. All in all it was wonderful to dust off my winter clothes and breath the fresh, crisp air that winter brings. I do love winters, but in all honesty the winters in Edmonton are way too long (about 8 months of the year with barely any fall or spring).


I went through a lot of emotions being back here. How I miss already miss winter, I miss my friends and how nice Canadians are, I miss my colleagues and I really enjoyed living in Edmonton (mostly because of the people there). BioWare has some really great people and I am excited about the network I´ve gained there. The party felt cozy and just seeing everybody again was such a delight! They served cocktail shrimps, mussels, lemon meringue tarts, Empanadas, donuts, mini pancakes on sticks, french toast, tacos and more. Finger food essentially. I was surprised when it suddenly was past midnight as I had such a great time talking to everybody and catching up with them. This place and team will always have a special place in my heart. To be honest this is how I´ve felt about my previous studios as well, but all of them are unique and carries a special feeling on their own. Looking back I am amazed of the path and adventure, and it´s not over yet! Thank you BioWare and Edmonton for some really cool 3 years!

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Going back to Edmonton for the weekend
Yay! I´m going to the Anthem release party! Back to Edmonton to some -20 degrees cold weather compared to 16 here in California. It will be like a final farewell to the city I spent 3 years in. There are a lot of plans already, my whole weekend is already filled with meeting friends, fix the Canadian taxes, closing down my Canadian bank accounts etc. I will also want to visit my favorite restaurants there, which id Dorinku. A japanese street food restaurant, an Izaka-ya :D! If you haven´t tried Izaka-ya I recommend it, although there are hit and miss version of everything. Can´t wait! Leaving at 5am tomorrow to get on the plane going to Edmonton!


It will be the same as International Women´s day :D! Two things to celebrate!
2019-03-08 04:56:46

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The next project!
Happy week to you all!

This is one of those moments when I am in awe for how long I´ve been posting here. I still have no clue if anyone has found this page, if anyone is reading it or if there are any followers, but I´m still writing here because I like it! Having a connection back to where it all started also warms my heart and I´m happy to have this connection back to Falun. Simply put, it´s my little hobby and it´s always been a hobby of mine.

So short from the release of Anthem, I can already announce what my next project is! I have not been with Respawn Entertainment for long and I am definitely still just a beginner, having to learn a million things over again, but I am super excited and proud for this project and can´t wait! Good thing is that I did not have to wait that long to show this to the world!


Yes!! I can´t believe I´m part of making a Star Wars game! Need to read up on the lore. The people at the office are like Star Wars Dictionaries, they know SO MUCH about it (especially compared to me, is what it feels like), inspiring! This is one of the moments when I can tell even people who are not into games at all, and have no clue about what I work with, that I´m working on Star Wars and they will all be like "Oh! I know what that is!". Everybody knows Star Wars haha!

Here is some other released information.
2019-03-02 17:18:36

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The dreaded Visa Process PART2
This time I want to go over the visa process we did for USA. It hasn´t been too long since we moved to LA and me and my partner got in on different work Visas. As I mentioned last time I could have gotten in through a Spouse visa but that wasn´t the route I wanted to go, as I wouldn´t have been able to legally work in the country in that case. I got in through an L1 Visa, which is an internal transfer through the company, while my partner got in through a O1 Visa, individuals with Extraordinary ability or achievements. His process was much more intense than mine to say the least!

For both of us it had been immensely useful that we had already gone through the immigration and Permanent residency process into Canada. A lot of our already collected paperwork could be reused where in my case the translated school degrees from an authorized government-approved translator was the most important one. There are also requirements for me having to have worked within the company for a certain amount of years (I believe it´s at least 1 year) and there´s also a requirement that I have to work on this job for at least a year as well to keep getting the support of my Visa.

There are a lot of paper works and if it´s through the company they usually support you with lawyers that help with paperwork and tell you want what documentation they need to pull this off. I am amazed if I hear anyone doing all of this on their own. There´s some serious paperwork going on and I easily had to carry over 100 pages of all my family members full name and their (non) criminal history, all my previous addresses, my travels to the USA, all the official documentations from work and my achievements with me to the consulate, in three copies!

For both of us we had to prove that we deserved the visa somehow. Both of us came into USA through "Specialized knowledge", where we had to tell the border control officer that it´s difficult to find others with our expertise in the country. This one is a tough one. Competition is harsh here. As we are both from Scandinavia it always feels weird to "brag" about our achievements and our abilities. So awkward! I quickly learnt that I personally worked best by just telling them was my specialty at work was without telling them "I´m the best at this!". My specialty lies in narrative flow, but honestly, I just think my strong points lies in communication (which I´ve realize is quite a difficult think in our industry!).

But so far that was the extent of my Visa process and honestly it wasn´t too bad thanks to already existing paperwork from before. There were some complications with my last name as I have an "ö" in it, sigh. This will actually haunt me for probably at least 6months to a year as the spelling is different on some legal documentation and I have to go through and fix this all. Apparently it´s translated into "oe" on my social security papers. Please be mindful that your name get spelled correct THE FIRST TIME if you ever to through anything like this!

So quickly about the O1 visa. The biggest difference with this was the very weird process of getting some bragging letters signed by important people in the industry. My fiancé has a great network so it suited him very well. He personally reached out asking them for permission on this of course. However, these letters were written by the lawyers with information from my fiancé about his work time with these individuals. Then they put together an over-the-top letter about how great he was and that this person definitely recommended him for the visa and the job which was then sent to these people who signed them. Apparently this is totally legit, that the lawyers write these recommendation letters for someone else to send in for the Visa. If they had high-positions at big companies in the States it was even better apparently. I guess it´s because of availability to call them up to confirm the recommendation.

I´m happy I didn´t have to go through that process. It was cringe-worthy enough with me just having to tell them I´m super good at what I do and you won´t find my specialty in your country with hundreds of millions of people!

All in all we are here now, and it´s super cool! I could never in my wildest dreams have thought about me living and working in LA :D. As you can tell I can still go on and on about the Visa process but I think this kind of tells the tale. It´s not easy, it´s often frustrating and annoying (sometimes it will feel stupid), but I think it is worth it! It feels like I´m on an adventure and ever since I moved to Canada and now I know I´ve improved a million times over as a developer ^^.

2019-02-23 23:08:52

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Happy Apex 25 million Valentine 2019!
It´s been a few weeks! The page has been down but it´s back up again now, thank you for everybody helping out with getting this back and running :D. There´s been a lot going on and I planned on doing a few in between post before the next Visa process part. So much has happened but I wanted to take a moment to talk about my new studio!

It´s been quite a few years since I have been at such a successful studio in terms of how motivated and excited everybody is. The timing for when I started working at Respawn studio was pretty incredible with everybody being super hyped, and very surprised, about the huge success of Apex Legends! The numbers are talking for themselves, it´s been an incredible week after Apex was revealed to the world!

The spirit is on top at work and I had honestly forgotten what that could feel like. It´s definitely a good reminder of why I am in this industry and I hope to one day also be part of a project that achieves this type of hype! :D

With that I just want to show these super adorable valentine cards (sorry it´s a bit late for the valentine thing, but they are too darn cute not to share).

2019-02-17 16:28:26

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