Anthem: Suit Customization
Very exciting that more things are starting to show and this time the suit customization are being shown by my colleagues here in Edmonton Francis our Character Artist Lead and our producer Leah. Ben is the Lead Producer in Austin.


They go through a lot of cool things. There´s of course the basics like colors and materials but also patterns, different colors to different parts, how shiny you want it to look etc.
2018-11-18 04:12:44

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N7 Day 2018
Time flies pretty weird right now. It feels like N7 was forever yet it was just here.

We celebrated with cake! Alas I came down to the kitchen too late for the whole picture, but I have to admit this was a really tasty cake! Usually I find bought cake here is just dry and the only additional spice it has is frosting. This one was actually really tasty with more citrus flavors and cream cheese filling.

1541912134photo 2018-11-07, 15 44 12.jpg

They had a (in my opinion pretty difficult) questionnaires about the Mass Effect franchise and if you got all of the answers right you won this amazing Mass Effect package :D! I did not get all of my answers right. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the questionnaire (might save my pride by not posting it either hah).

1541912139photo 2018-11-07, 15 44 27.jpg
1541912142photo 2018-11-07, 15 44 35.jpg
1541912146photo 2018-11-07, 15 45 01.jpg

For this years they put together a celebration video for N7 that I really enjoyed :D. A lot of these people in the shot are actual developers ^^.

2018-11-11 04:59:02

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Halloween 2018
Halloween has come and gone and as usual it´s a big event here. At the studio we had the annual costume party, and I was part of the judging of these :D. We pick a winner for the best costume for individuals and then for groups.

This was this years backdrop
15413577452018-11-04 10_51_53-i-5vltwln-x4.jpg

The winners of best party costume was this group of pikachus!
15413577502018-11-04 10_52_15-i-dgsk2jr-x4.jpg

overall we had a ton of fun costumes but the ones that won were usually made by the competitors themselves and there was some thought into each of them :D.

Here´s a couple of them. I am heavily limiting the amount of pictures of individuals that people can identify them with as I haven´t gotten permission from them to actually post their pictures here. That´s why it´s quite sparce but we had a lot of participants :D.Here´s one of them as beast from X-men. This costume didn´t win it all but it was a very well made costume and highly rated!

15413577572018-11-04 10_53_05-i-zsrzmz6-x4.jpg

We had the pumpkin carving contest too! I made the no face pumpkin haha :D the winner was the anthem pumpkin.

15413577782018-11-04 10_52_34-i-h9xdjr6-x4.jpg
15413577752018-11-04 10_52_48-i-v2mnrqj-x4.jpg
15413577692018-11-04 10_53_23-i-xwscb8n-x3.jpg

I look forward to next Halloween! It´s like being in this part of the world has rubbed off the whole spirit on me hah :D
2018-11-04 19:04:25

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Say what? Nutman, Ray, is coming over to the office now and then to sell salty and sweet snacks. It´s difficult to know when he will be in and it´s usually just an e-mail saying that you have 10 minutes to come and see him.

Finally I managed to meet Nutman Ray and verify that he is real haha. It´s become like a fleeting legend that nobody can catch. I celebrated by getting some caramel popcorn chocolate and chocolate raisins.

1540746504photo 2018-10-25, 12 23 00.jpg
1540746500photo 2018-10-25, 12 06 35.jpg
1540746497photo 2018-10-25, 12 06 27.jpg
1540746493photo 2018-10-25, 12 06 21.jpg

Just one of those funny perks that we have at the studio :D
2018-10-28 18:08:09

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2018 BioWare Halloween Decorations
We have a temporary heat wave going on, the weather has just been amazing this week with a lot of sun and actual "fall". The amazing yellow/orange gradients in light and the chilly but very cozy feeling that it brings. I really like this right now. Unexpectedly it´s very busy at work too :D.

It is definitely getting darker here too. I always tell people here that it´s nothing compared to northern parts of Sweden and Finland but I don´t really think they get it. It´s very hard to understand the darkness that comes with the end of the year back home and it´s one of the biggest things I always point to when people complain about weather or season here - at least there´s a lot of sunlight here compared to back home XD. Especially Edmonton is also very good with the sunlight during these darker seasons.

I finally got to taking a good look at the halloween decorations this year! I remember there being much more and they scaled it down for some reason haha :D. I´ll try to get some costume ready for halloween too, it´s difficult with the schedule of course but at least it takes your mind off things for a while so it´s definitely worth celebrating and put a little focus on imo ^^

2018 Halloween Decorations:

1540139488photo 2018-10-20, 17 24 20.jpg
1540139493photo 2018-10-20, 17 24 25.jpg
1540139498photo 2018-10-20, 17 24 30.jpg
1540139502photo 2018-10-20, 17 24 42.jpg
1540139506photo 2018-10-20, 17 24 50.jpg
1540139510photo 2018-10-20, 17 24 58.jpg
1540139516photo 2018-10-20, 17 25 28.jpg
1540139520photo 2018-10-20, 17 25 40.jpg
1540139523photo 2018-10-20, 17 25 49.jpg
1540139528photo 2018-10-20, 17 26 37.jpg
1540139534photo 2018-10-20, 17 26 59.jpg
1540139537photo 2018-10-20, 17 27 04.jpg
1540139542photo 2018-10-20, 17 27 10.jpg
1540139546photo 2018-10-20, 17 27 21.jpg
1540139550photo 2018-10-20, 17 28 08.jpg
1540139554photo 2018-10-20, 17 28 24.jpg
1540139559photo 2018-10-20, 17 28 30.jpg
1540139562photo 2018-10-20, 17 28 41.jpg
2018-10-21 16:39:37

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