Nu är det dax att söka till Business Start.
Har du en affärsidé och vill se om det finns potential att ta din idé till affär ta då chansen att söka till Business Start. Du får 20 timmar affärsutveckling i grupp och 20 timmar individuell coachaning av en erfaren affärscoach och efter detta har du grunden till en affärsplan och en budget. Sök före den 7 september här
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2010-09-07 12:43:30

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2014-02-03 10:18:40
Oh my goodness Momarabbit, thank you :)I want to bring the best to Canada so I am quite<a href=""> scteelive</a> in what I do put on my blog and my stores website so thank you for your kind words.I am that person, LOL! At least I try to be ;)It's not fair that all these great brands are just in the US so I gotta bring 'em!
2013-10-12 20:27:41
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2013-10-11 04:06:29
>> ... ??????????It is my understanding that the <a href="">imgtiramion</a> policy gives "points" to immigrants who will invest in Canada. Now the policy concerning refugees is different and I am not knowledgeable enough to explain.>> ???????????,????????,????????. ???????There have been discussions and inquiries regarding the willingness / unwillingness of the current government to help out Canadians who are in trouble while travelling abroad. Examples: (a) In the Maher Arar case, there was an inquiry and a settlement of $1.5M. (b) During the war in Lebanon, Canadians were evacuated from the war zone at government expense. (c) The government had been unwilling to request the US to transfer a convicted killer back to Canada to serve his punishment. (d) The case of the "child soldier" being held in the US Guantanamo Bay jail is still being debated. (e) The government was able to transfer a Canadian woman who had been convicted by the Mexican court back to Canada to serve her sentence. According to the media: The on-going application of policy to "protect" Canadians abroad appears to be more on a case-by-case basis.
2013-10-09 23:05:32
Men oj, ber se5 hemskt mcekyt om urse4kt. Jag kopplade ihop torsdagsreflektionen med temabilderna. Jag trodde det var nya teman varje vecka du skulle sluta med! Sorry :-)
2013-10-09 07:48:23
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